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BW: La Geode; @abigailsbrain

This short film shot by Theresa Hong in France stars Abigail Tarttelin and Ahty Stellio. The experimental film a dreamscape filled with illusions, reflections and figments of imagination. It was shot in 16mm in Paris, France in 2006. One of my favorite short films, a throwback.

The actress in the film, Abigail, has starred in several other films and, as of recent, is a published author. You can find more about her and her new “”Savage, Witty, Horny & Intoxicating” novel, Flick, on her blog or website.


BW: Any Fun by Coconut Records

From good ole’ El Lay-based, indie-pop-rock, solo music project Coconut Records is the song “Any Fun”. The video was shot in NYC…in black and white. Obvs. Thank you Jason Schwartzman and Young Baby Records.

BW: Zoe Karssen

RTW, chutzpah chic is what I love about the Zoe Karssen collections.
A wonderful blend of minimalism, pop culture, and of course, monochromatic zest in several pieces.

Check out the blog and the site to see more.