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BW: Reel Love

Woody Allen’s ‘Manhattan’, a tongue-in-cheek and visually stunning romantic dramedy about a hopeless romantic writer dealing with a mid-life crisis and the affections of two vastly different women, is just one of myriad romance films set in New York City. It’s no wonder, it’s a city of beautiful sights and millions of people just waiting to be swept off their feet or knocked head over heels. Outside of the city, though, romance lingers in the reel world and offers an exciting journey for the hopeless romantics, film critics and movie goers…or Netflixers. What’s not to love about love? Especially when you’re not the one dealing with its ups and downs. (We all know it’s worth it, though.)

“I had a mad impulse to throw you down on the lunar surface and commit interstellar perversion.”


BW: La Geode; @abigailsbrain

This short film shot by Theresa Hong in France stars Abigail Tarttelin and Ahty Stellio. The experimental film a dreamscape filled with illusions, reflections and figments of imagination. It was shot in 16mm in Paris, France in 2006. One of my favorite short films, a throwback.

The actress in the film, Abigail, has starred in several other films and, as of recent, is a published author. You can find more about her and her new “”Savage, Witty, Horny & Intoxicating” novel, Flick, on her blog or website.

BW: Reel World