by Jesi V. Taylor

Mixing various Art forms and censorship is a recipe for creative disaster. In lieu of films, literary mediums, and visual art being doused in ultra-violence, misogyny, racism, and other topics deemed culturally distasteful with minimal backlash, sporadic bouts of criticism against musicians raise an eyebrow that transcend the categorizations of low and high. As seen in Pitchfork News, Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) had this to say about Tyler, the Creator following a media storm brought on by a monumental VMA Award win. “Tyler and Odd Future are padding their lyrics with anti-gay slurs and dangerous, violent rhetoric. But there is nothing ironically clever about hate speech, particularly when a significant part of those listening are adolescents seeking to emulate their favorite artists,” Matt Kane, GLAAD’s Associate Director of Entertainment Media, continues with, “It’s simply irresponsible and destructive.” Tyler is quoted saying, in response to the continued criticism, “Well, I have gay fans and they don’t really take it offensive, so I don’t know. If it offends you, it offends you…”
In a creative world where freedom of expressions reigns supreme, who is in the wrong? All things considered, opinions and harsh critics meet equal criticisms when Art is involved. Find more about the debate on Pitchfork http://pitchfork.com/news/43851-glaad-denounces-tyler-the-creators-vma-win/.