BW: Ann Demeulemeester

by Jesi V. Taylor

Ann Demeulemeester, member of the legendary Antwerp Six, evokes personality and sexuality and combines the geometric, edgy and avant garde to create distinct pieces. When asked what ‘fashion is’ in a recent interview with Ten Magazine she said, ‘ For me, fashion is communication” and if her line communicates anything it is a unique vision and raw talent. Her latest Fall 2011 RTW collection was haunting, exquisite, and, to my satisfaction, monochromatic-minus a hint of red accented fur. From angular additions to pieces and hanging accessories the dark collection proved that there is never a such as too much black. Will there ever be a ‘new black’? No, and there doesn’t need to be either. If a reminder is ever needed as to why, take a look at any of Ann Demeulemeester’s creations.

Off the runway, however, her garments are a bit more tame. Try this for a Friday night-or any night.